Ipsos MORI

Ipsos MORI is the second largest market research organisation in the United Kingdom, and conducts surveys for a wide range of major organisations as well as other market research agencies.

Ipsos MORI's Social Research Institute works extensively for the Government of the United Kingdom, looking at public attitudes to key public services, and so informing social policy. Issues such as identity, social cohesion, physical capital and the impact of place on attitudes are all key themes of the Institute's work. The company also specialises in mass media, brand loyalty, marketing and advertising research.

I was hired as a freelancer to work with Ipsos MORI's design team in creating data visualisations and infographics in the lead up to the UK 2015 General Elections.

UK 2015 General Election Data Visualisation Design Work

General Election 2015 Data Visualisation Design Work

UK 2015 General Election Swing Vote Data Visualisation

Swing Vote Infographic
Swing Vote Infographic

Economy & Party Leader Image Infographic

Party & Leader Image Infographic

Election Facts Booklet & Poster

Facts Booklet and Poster Design

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